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Insurance Verifications, Terrific!

Verrific does one thing and one thing only – Dental Insurance Verifications. Verrific was started in a dental office by a non-dentist DDS (dedicated dental spouse) and another non-dentist DDS joined Verrific later to create the technology behind Verrific. One big pain point of these "DDS"es was always - insurance verifications. A dental office simply cannot afford to clog up a phone line and valuable personnel time to be on the phone for 30 minutes to obtain this information. So Verrific does that for you..and more!



Most dental offices have a collections problem. What they produce, they are never able to collect. Dentists get frustrated with denied claims and the usual culprit is dental insurance. However, what we found was most claim denials are not due to a clinical disagreement between the treating dentist and the insurance provider. They are because some limitation of the policy was not verified beforehand. Once an office starts getting detailed breakdowns and reviewing them with the patient, both the office and the patient get a full understanding of which recommended procedures are at a risk of not getting paid by the insurance. Patients are ok with bills, just not surprise bills. Obtaining a full breakdown takes away that uncertainty which gives the patient the appropriate expectation of what his/her estimated copay would be. Great collections begin with great verifications!


Verrific is the gold standard in insurance verifications

Verrific started with one client - VIP Dental Lounge, that's owned by Verrific's CEO's wife. As a result, Verrific was built from the start to be as detailed as possible. Of all the insurance verification companies, Verrific shines because:

Watch Gear


We provide a detailed breakdown consisting of 96 pieces of information checked including history by other providers. The level of detail we provide is unmatched. Great insurance verifications leads to great production to collections ration

Computer Programming


To our knowledge, we are the only company that can provide this data collected manually WITHOUT connecting to your PC remotely. With every other company you have to provide them with a PC or two that their employees remote into. With us, keep your PCs for the reason you bought them for! We perform the verifications in the cloud and push them to you!

Examining an X-ray


We integrate very tightly into practice management softwares like Open Dental so you can simply send us a patient to verify without leaving Open Dental. When we have your breakdown ready, import it into your system without leaving Open Dental. Super cool!

Flexible Payment Planning


Our pricing model is as simple as it gets. After a base monthly cost, simply pay for each ticket you create. If you don't use us, don't pay us! Our backend system automatically calculates your cost based on the number of tickets, type of tickets, and urgency level, and that's what you pay

Energy Efficiency Consultation


Our tightly integrated software with OpenDental allows your office to create a ticket without leaving open dental and importing benefits without leaving open dental. It's all built in!



Admit it. We have the coolest name for any company in this space. Best of all, our quality matches our name. Verrific - insurance verifications, terrific!



$299 one time setup. $59/month base cost + per patient pricing

We charge for each ticket you send us. Each ticket is a patient you would like for us to verify. Our pricing is dependent on the type of breakdown you request as well as the urgency level.

* No contract! Not even month to month!


Detailed Breakdown

This is the most popular type of ticket. We capture every single detail, every single caveat, and the level of detail that will give you the highest confidence if a procedure will get approved or denied. Note: For emergency verifications needed the same or next business day, there's a $2 surcharge


Basic Breakdown

This provides all the basic information you need that can be entered into a practice management software. You miss out on the caveats that we write in that we can only obtain by speaking to a live person, but you do get all the most used information (history only provided if available on the insurance portal)! Note: For emergency verifications needed the same or next business day, there's a $2 surcharge



If you've already seen the patient before and have a detailed breakdown, you can request a re-verification for which we check if the patient is active as well as provide their remaining insurance benefit and history by another provider (if available on the portal) since their last visit to you. Note: For emergency verifications needed the same or next business day, there's a $2 surcharge

For any ticket if there is incomplete information or verification is requested for a non-PPO policy or a non-active policy, there is a $3.25 charge which gets credited towards the cost of a breakdown if the information is corrected within 7 calendar days!


Frequently asked questions

Turnaround times

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time varies. It also depends on how quickly you need it done by. We split any verification requests (tickets) in two categories - 1. Emergency: If it's needed today or next business day 2. Non-emergency: Everything else. Our turn around time for emergency tickets is before and up to the patient's appointment time and for non-emergency tickets, it's latest 24 hours prior to the appointment.

NOTE: We recommend that you send us tickets 1-2 weeks in advance as best practice

If I have a patient in the chair, how quickly can I get the verification back?

That is an emergency ticket and while we can turnaround emergency tickets up to the patient's appointment time, our service level agreement states that we need at least 2 hours. This is because often we are on hold with insurances for 1.5 hours. We prioritize tickets based on appointment time so if you have a patient in the chair, that ticket will get to the front of the ticket queue. However, because of hold times, we cannot promise a return before 2 hours

How many urgent tickets can I send?

While we don't limit it, our service level agreement says that we cannot guarantee completing more than 2 emergency tickets/day. This is because if all clients sent a lot of emergency tickets, it would stress the system. So while there is no limit in how many you can send (and we will often do them all), we cannot promise more than 2/day

If a patient is in the chair, can I just get partial breakdown to get started

Yes. We recommend you request the ticket to be downgraded from detailed breakdown to basic on the Verrific portal. Because basic breakdowns do not rely on a live agent answering calls, we can often turn those around in 30 minutes.

What are your business hours?

Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm CST
Saturday: 9am-3pm CST
Sunday: Closed

Quality of verifications

What happens if there are errors on the breakdown?

Unfortunately this is still a human to human process and humans make mistakes. While we obtain a lot of information electronically, we still need to speak to a live agent. We have often found that there are significant discrepancies between the information we receive through software (APIs), insurance portals, and speaking to a live agent. While the Verrific team does it's best to unify this accurately, the system inherently is far from perfect. It is near impossible to guarantee 100% accuracy and we definitely hope that one day we will get there

How do you obtain the breakdown information?

A combination of methods that include:
-software API
-insurance portals
-fax backs -speaking to an agent


Do you allow customization of the breakdown forms?

Yes. We allow for 15 custom codes and 10 custom caveat questions on the detailed breakdown form. For any additional question and/or caveat questions, there is a $0.25 per code/question

Do you support specialists?

Yes. Now that we have the ability to customize a form, you can design a form to the speciality you prefer

Is there any customization that you cannot provide?

On a case by case basis, we may determine that the custom code/question you are requesting is far too esoteric for our team to be able to get well trained on it across all insurances so we can provide the information accurately. We may decline the particular code or question in that case



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Vivek spent most of his career in the software field but one day found himself picking up phone calls at a dental office. Being married to a dentist can make that happen. Right away Vivek got immersed in the field of dentistry and took over the business side of the dental office. He realized that one of the most inefficient tasks a dental office can do is be on the phone with a dental insurance for 40 minutes to get a detailed breakdown. So he outsourced it. But couldn't find a company that could get all the answers so he created it

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DJ joined the Verrific team as the need for a more automated software driven system grew. DJ worked on the technology side to speed up and automate the process of insurance verifications. Using the software that he led the development of, Verrific is now the only dental insurance verification company that does manual detailed breakdowns but does not need access to a PC at the dental office!


*Once the onboarding form is complete, please look for a docusign packet in your email to sign and schedule a training/onboarding session with the Verrific team!



Dr. Dawn Baker

Dr. Dawn Baker

Getting detailed insurance breakdowns has been a huge hurdle in our office. It took many hours to get and I didn’t want to use a company who would give me just a generic breakdown. Once I met Vivek and realized he prefers extremely detailed breakdowns just like us, I was excited to try his services. I couldn’t be happier! My team have so much more time to focus on filling the schedule and the detail is so good on the insurances that it helps us avoid “surprises” when giving estimates. I highly recommend their services!


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