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Verrific today announced closing a $540K seed investment round led by Dental Success Network (DSN), as well as angel investors including Dr. Mark Costes (founder of Dental Success Institute and DSN), Dr. Addison Killeen (co-founder of DSN), Michael Lomotan (co-founder of DSN), Dr. Deren Flesher (former co-founder of Modento), Cory Pinegar (CEO of CallForce), Dr. Sunny Pahouja.

High-quality insurance verification is no longer a “nice-to-have”, it’s a “must-have” if a dental office is to compete in any market. But getting proper insurance benefit summaries is complex, error-prone, and a time consuming process. Post COVID, as the dental market has faced personnel shortages, more and more offices are turning to outsourcing insurance verification to companies like Verrific!

Verrific, led by Vivek Kinra, is leading the way in using technology to assist dentists as a more turn-key solution for insurance verification.

Chicago-based Verrific will now expand their team working on insurance verification for its 100+ clients, as well as grow their proprietary technology to work with clients using different practice management softwares. Verrific is on the path to solving the insurance verification problem for dentistry once and for all!

Dr. Addison Killeen, Co-Founder of Dental Success Network said: “Verrific has been a great addition to my business, keeping non-essential functions out of my busy office. And I can’t stress the importance of getting more accurate benefit calculations in a click of a button. It’s just easy.”

With the help of this investment round, Verrific is looking to accelerate the development of its proprietary software by hiring talented software developers and get it more seamlessly into tens of thousands of dental offices *for questions or additional information, please contact Vivek Kinra, CEO of Verrific at or at 219.309.9383

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